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Wild Meadows Wind Farm

Visit the viewpoint simulations website. Download a sound contour map of the project area. Download a PDF of the general project presentation. Download a project overview map. Download an updated project fact sheet. Compare previous and revised designs. View our Myths and Facts flash cards. Visit the official NH SEC docket website. Review the NH SEC application. Send a letter of support. Email us your comments and questions.

Project Location

Towns of Danbury and Alexandria, Merrimack and Grafton Counties, New Hampshire

Project Capacity

75.9 megawatts (MW)

Number of Wind Turbines

23 Vestas V112-3.3 MW

Households Served

The Wild Meadows Wind Farm is expected to produce, throughout the course of a year, enough electricity to power more than 30,000 average homes. At peak production, the wind farm is expected to produce enough electricity for more than 90,000 average homes.


The turbines will be on 308 foot (94 m) towers. Each blade will be 179 feet (54.6 m) long. The total turbine height from foundation to blade tip will be 492 feet (150 m). Each nacelle (large box that houses the mechanical equipment on top of the tower) is about 13 feet wide, 13 feet tall and about 46 feet long, so a little bigger than a tour bus and much heavier at about 77 tons. The 3.3 MW generator can harness up to 4,400 horsepower from the wind.

Project Information

In response to comments and questions about our early stage, conceptual project design, we have reduced the number of turbines by 38% for the project layout that is used for the detailed engineering and permitting studies. Switching to a newer turbine design will still generate significant clean energy, and will result in far less visual impact, and commensurate reductions in ridge line construction, potential wildlife impacts, etc. Following significant community feedback, we have changed the project substantially.

This project can be a significant source of clean energy and would solidify New Hampshire as a leader in meeting the New England region’s renewable power needs. Multiple statewide polls show strong support for renewable energy and a willingness to tackle climate change.

In addition to being a local source of clean energy, Wild Meadows will create significant local economic benefits in the form of construction jobs, local spending during construction, long term tax revenue and landowner income.

We need to improve how we generate electricity in New England. Our region is heavily dependent on natural gas and other fossil fuels that are not local, and which contribute to air pollution and climate change. Wild Meadows would be our third project in the Granite State. Concerns and questions were raised about the Lempster and Groton Wind Farms during their planning phases too, but experience has shown that these wind farms provide great benefits to local towns, and generate electricity — in New Hampshire — using nothing but the wind. Our predictions of tax revenue and jobs are more than just promises. They are based on experience.

Click here to view all previously posted information on the preliminary, conceptual design for the Wild Meadows wind farm, including the public open house documents, view simulations, and old factsheets.

Communities profit when local landowners
harvest the wind on New Hampshire’s ridges.

Project Newsletters

Click here to see all newsletters and some of our favorite quotes that guide our work on Wild Meadows and our other projects around the country.

Local Economic Benefits

Click here to view a summary of New Hampshire economic and job benefits from the operational Lempster and Groton Wind Farms and the proposed Wild Meadows Wind Farm.

Wild Meadows Wind Farm has already invested significant amounts of money in New Hampshire — over $1 million — through contracts with New Hampshire companies for engineering, geotechnical services, surveying, environmental studies, mapping, and permitting. During construction, the project anticipates creating up to 300 construction jobs, many filled by New Hampshire workers, for work on roads, foundations, electrical equipment, concrete, hauling, and civil construction. For other NH wind projects, nearly 65% of the construction work has been done by New Hampshire workers. When completed, the wind farm is expected to create 5 permanent jobs, and local contracts for supplies, maintenance, and equipment. Wild Meadows Wind Farm will provide significant payments to the Towns of Alexandria and Danbury and payments to local participating landowners. In addition, the project will make annual tax payments to the State of New Hampshire and generate local tax revenue during construction through the Land Use Change Tax and Timber Tax. We estimate the project will contribute $1.6M per year to the local community, or over $33 million over 20 years. Click here for details of these estimates.

Energy and Environmental Benefits

Wild Meadows Wind Farm will offset carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 340 million pounds per year, equivalent to burning 17.4 million gallons of gasoline or preserving about 1,200 acres of forest from conversion to cropland.

Wild Meadows Wind Farm will be located on property that is primarily commercial forestry land. Wind power is a truly sustainable “crop” that New Hampshire can harvest, like timber and maple syrup. Wind helps keep New Hampshire’s rural communities rural. It allows landowners to keep their land whole, while contributing to the state’s environmental and economic health.

Iberdrola Renewables takes environmental protection very seriously. Learn more about our industry-leading efforts to reduce wind energy’s already-small impact on wildlife, the wind industry’s first company-wide Avian and Bat Protection Policy, or facts about wind turbine sound.

Operational Wind Projects in New Hampshire

Iberdrola Renewables has two wind projects currently in operation in New Hampshire: Lempster Wind in Sullivan County and Groton Wind in Grafton County. To learn more about these projects, visit the following links:

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